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Iron Stop® Whimsical Fairy Crystal Twister

model #: WHS180-5M

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Brightening your lawn with your very own garden fairy Crystal Twister. This whimsical yard art from Iron Stop® features a darling sprite who cheerfully gazes over your flowers. Colored in brilliant blues, yellows, oranges, and reds, she’s a welcome guest wherever she appears. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Whimsical Fairy Crystal Twister



An impish sight to be seen, enjoy the fanciful design in three dimension with this Whimsical Fairy Crystal Twister by Iron Stop®. Its captivating fairy icon flits over a swooping curve of blue--creating the sense of exquisite movement and joyous freedom. The fairy's detailed gossamer wings radiate rainbow colors, including red, orange, and yellow, matching the glowing hue of her hair, while flowers in bloom converge beneath her charmingly pointed toe.


Glittering Crystal Accents

A spiraling silhouette in gleaming steel hangs gracefully from the three-dimensional decor above. Inside the two thin twisting arms of steel sit two faceted cut-glass crystals--one clear and the other hot pink. Though the crystals remain in place when the twister turns, they appear to be moving downward, a visually captivating effect reminiscent of water droplets falling from the fairy's tiny feet. For added beauty, the crystals reflect sunlight, sending colorful sparkles of light throughout the room. At the twister's tapered steel base hangs a small teardrop-shaped crystal accent--an lovely finishing touch to the Whimsical Fairy Crystal Twister.


Dazzling Decor - for Indoors or Out

The decorative twister adds a dramatic addition to flower and vegetable beds, manicured lawns, and wildflower refuges alike. It also offers a delightful way to greet guests on the front porch, to bring extra sparkle near a swimming pool, or to add a splash of color out on the patio--no matter the season. The twister works well indoors too, bringing a charming touch to kitchens, living rooms, and reading nooks, or even a home office. Sun-drenched during the day or twinkling in the moonlight, the twister makes any space more magical.


Placing the Twister

Whether used inside or outside, you'll want to place the twister ornament someplace easily visible--a shepherd's staff in a garden, a hook on a trellis or the eaves of a porch, or near an inside window to best showcase its sleek dips and curves and light-refractive crystal.




Hanging the Twister

The twister comes ready to hang right from the box; simply attach the twister base to its 3D decor with the included hook, make sure all crystals are in place, and hang it from the main hook, which allows it to twist and twirl in the breeze. You can use the hook on its own or connected to an extension chain or an Iron Stop® hook accessory to achieve just the right placement (additional accessories sold separately).


Weather-Resistant Steel

Though delicate in appearance, the twister is made of 2.5mm steel wire electroplated with a chrome finish, which helps keep the twister safe from the elements from one season to the next. 


Keep Your Twister in Motion

Iron Stop® also offers battery- and solar-powered motors that create a continuous spinning action--perfect for use indoors or outside on a windless day.


The Whimsical crystal twister collection includes everything from perched butterflies amongst spring flowers and hummingbirds sipping nectar from a blossom to the sun and moon and a fairy leaping through the air.


Made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA, the eye-catching twister measures about 17 inches long and makes a thoughtful gift idea for friends and family, whether they're new homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, collectors, or simply in need of a day brightener. 


Whimsical Crystal Twister Collection:

Choose from a wide variety of twisters from the Whimsical crystal twister collection. Click on any of the samples shown below to view additional styles.


dragonfly fairy hummingbird butterfly sun moon



Twister FAQs


Q:  Where is the twister made?

A:  All of Iron Stop®'s twisters are proudly made in the USA.




Q:  What type of metal is used to make the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are made of 2.5mm steel wire.




Q: What type of crystal is used in the twisters? Is it crystal, glass?

A: The crystals used in the Iron Stop® crystal twisters are cut-glass crystal. They create great rainbows!




Q: Is there any type of protective coating applied to the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are electroplated with either a chrome- or a copper-colored chrome finish to ensure rust resistance.




Q:  What is the process when beginning a new design?

A:  Just like with Iron Stop® wind spinners, Iron Stop® twisters are hand-sketched, copyrighted, one-of-a-kind designs. They start with a pencil and sketch the design on paper. Once they get the basic shape, they scan the sketch and redraw it on the computer using special software. Once satisfied, they send the file to their laser programmer to have a sample made. After they get the sample back and make any necessary adjustments, they then proceed to designing the graphics.







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