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Iron Stop® Madame Butterfly Crystal Twister

model #: TWC121-2M

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Adding flair to any room that you hang this stunning decorative crystal twister, indoors or out. A beautiful purple and pink butterfly with wings spread will add joy to any environment that it is displayed in as captivating crystals make a path up and down the twister cage directly below the butterfly. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Madame Butterfly Crystal Twister


This charming Iron Stop® Madame Butterfly Crystal Twister lights up any room with her brilliant coloring and mesmerizing twister action. Rich blue and red hues are perfectly complemented by the matching crystals and bright copper finish of this wind art by Iron Stop®, making it a gorgeous addition to your home and an instant conversation starter.


This eye-catching design features three sizes of facetted crystals for maximum light refraction. The brilliant copper finish accentuates the vibrant colors of the butterfly, creating a stunning mix of color and motion to lend character to any room.







Twister FAQs


Q:  Where is the twister made?

A:  All of Iron Stop®'s twisters are proudly made in the USA.




Q:  What type of metal is used to make the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are made of 2.5mm steel wire.




Q: W hat type of crystal is used in the twisters? Is it crystal, glass?

A: The crystals used in the Iron Stop® crystal twisters are cut-glass crystal. They create great rainbows!




Q: I s there any type of protective coating applied to the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are electroplated with either a chrome- or a copper- colored chrome finish to ensure rust resistance.




Q:  What is the process when beginning a new design?

A:  Just like with Iron Stop® wind spinners, Iron Stop® twisters are hand-sketched, copyrighted, one-of-a-kind designs. They start with a pencil and sketch the design on paper. Once they get the basic shape, they scan the sketch and redraw it on the computer using special software. Once satisfied, they send the file to their laser programmer to have a sample made. After they get the sample back and make any necessary adjustments, they then proceed to designing the graphics.







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