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Iron Stop® Animated Hummingbird Wind Chimes with Spinner

model #: NACH250-7

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Adding a beautiful and calming aspect to your indoor or outdoor environment. Listen to the mellow tunes of Iron Stop®’s animated hummingbird wind chimes anytime you choose and watch the animated hummingbird come to life as the spinner moves. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Animated Dragonfly Wind Chimes with Spinner


This Animated Hummingbird Wind Chime gives you the alluring look of a wind spinner with the peaceful, relaxing sounds of a wind chime, finished with a color coordinated ball at the bottom. The delightful hummingbird will come to life as the spinner moves in the breeze. The 20 gauge steel spinner is finished with a powder coating for durability and weather resistance and its bold colors create a dazzling display to complement the chimes. A fabulous addition to any living space, indoors or out.