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Iron Stop® Designer Snowman Crystal Twister

model #: HTC810-4M

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Adding whimsy to your favorite indoor or outdoor space during the winter season. Inside the twister are two colored crystals, each trying to make their way out as it spins in a fun optical illusion. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Designer Snowman Crystal Twister


Colors of the season add a hint of holiday joy to any home when they surround a playful Iron Stop® Designer Snowman Crystal Twister twirling in the breeze. Frosty himself would chuckle at the wide grin on on this snowman’s face.  Sporting a traditional red and green scarf, this handsome fellow will surely be one of the best Christmas gifts you give this year, whether to yourself or someone else.

Made in the U.S.A., these holiday decorations are both adorable and durable. This snowman crystal twister was crafted using light-refracting paint and a unique powder coating that protects against rust and enhances every detail.






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