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Iron Stop® Designer Snowflake Wind Spinner

model #: H830-10

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Decorating for your holiday season. Deck the halls with this beautifully detailed snowfake wind spinner and – add chimes for an extra flair. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Designer Snowflake Wind Spinner


The days of the season add a bit of holiday joy to any home when they incude a festive Iron Stop® Snowflake Wind Spinner twirling and spinning in the chilly wintery breeze. A beautiful snowflake in blue and white is sure to please anyone who sees it and will help keep that holiday spirit going throughout the winter season.  Beautifuly depicted, this snowflake will surely make this spinner a centerpiece of your ourdoor holiday decor.

Made in the U.S.A., these holiday decorations are both adorable and durable. This snowflake wind spinner was crafted using light-refracting paint and a unique powder coating that protects against rust and enhances every detail. Choose to add chimes to your spinner if you wish for that extra holiday cheer!