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Iron Stop® Designer Christmas Tree Wind Spinner

model #: H815-10

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Sprucing for your holiday season. Deck the halls with this beautifully decorated Christmas Tree wind spinner and – add chimes for an extra flair. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Designer Christmas Tree Wind Spinner


Brilliant hues and a charming design will quickly turn this Iron Stop® Designer Christmas Tree Wind Spinner into one of your favorite Christmas decorations. A beautiful tree surrounded by presents and topped with a golden star form the centerpiece of this fun yard ornament, while the unusual Christmas tree shape adds eye-catching movement with every breeze. Hang indoors or out for a unique take on traditional holiday décor, or group with other Christmas-themed spinners for a stunning display.

Made in the U.S.A., these holiday decorations are both adorable and durable. This tree wind spinner was crafted using light-refracting paint and a unique powder coating that protects against rust and enhances every detail. Choose to add chimes to your spinner if you wish for that extra holiday cheer!






1 Wind Spinner
$25  $9.00 Sale
1 Wind Spinner
$25  $9.00 Sale