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Iron Stop® Designer Chocolate Labrador 6.5 Inch Wind Spinner

model #: D401-6

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Decorating your yard or home with your favorite pet in the form or a beautiful 6.5 inch wind spinner.  Rich shades of red and brown surround the lifelike portrait of a Chocolate Labrador. With just a touch of breeze, this charming ornament spins, capturing and reflecting the sunlight in a dazzling burst of color that’s sure to brighten your day. read full product details »

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Iron Stop® Designer Chocolate Labrador 6.5 Inch Wind Spinner


Chocolate Labrador

An adorable way to show off your love of animals or a particular pet, the Designer Pet Wind Spinner collection by Iron Stop® features life-like renditions of a variety of four-legged friends. Each ornament presents a head-and-shoulders portrait, intricately detailed and reflecting the endearing love of that companion animal. The collection includes both dogs and cats, everything from a cute little Terrier to a large German Shepherd, a sweet orange Tabby to a pretty Persian.


Chocolate Labrador 6.5 Inch Wind Spinner

swivel hook

As sweet as its name, the Chocolate Lab is a favorite amongst dog lovers worldwide. Flaunt your affinity for this forever friend with the Iron Stop® Chocolate Labrador 6.5 Inch Wind Spinner on display. The hanging ornament's spirited pup imagery includes a dark brown coat, soft floppy ears, a long muzzle, pink tongue, and soulful eyes.


The wind spinner ornament frames the Lab with a splash-shaped border--cleverly cut to fan open for optimal spinning and uniquely printed in a wide range of elegant red hues--from pastel pink and rosewood to dark candy-apple red. The wind spinner functions as a mesmerizing display of motion, color, and cuteness. 



Distinctive Decor - for Indoors or Out

The Designer Pet wind spinner adds an eye-catching addition to flower and vegetable beds, manicured lawns, and wildflower refutes alike. It also offers a delightful way to greet guests on the front porch, to bring extra sparkle near a water feature, or to add a splash of color and character out on th eback patio. The wind spinner works well indoors too, bringing a charming touch to a pet's eating area, a child's bedroom, a reading nook, or an away-from-home office (for that affectionate gaze throughout the day). 



Placing the Wind Spinner

Whether you choose to use it indoors or out, you'll want to place your wind spinner someplace that is easily visible--a shepherd's staff in a garden, a hook on a trellis or the eaves of your porch, or near an inside window to best showcase intricate cutouts and a light-refractive finish. 


Hanging the Wind Spinner

The wind spinner comes ready to hang from the box; simply fan it open and adjust the individual rings as needed for optimal movement. The included swivel hook allows it to twist and twirl in the breeze and ensures easy installation. You can use the swivel hook attachment alone or connected to an extension chain or an Iron Stop® hook accessory to achieve just the right placement (additional accessories sold separately). Opening your wind spinner fully allows it to spin in the wind.



3 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Wind Spinner

Three Easy Steps
  1. Remove wind spinner from the box. Hold the wind spinner in both hands with your right hand at the top near the hook and left hand at the bottom.
  2. Position your thumbs on the innermost ring just to the left of the center spine and push away from you. The wind spinner should fan open by itself.
  3. Continue until there is about half an inch between each ring as pictured. Adjust individual rings as needed.

Note: Designer sun wind spinner (model BD315-10) shown above for illustration purposes (not included).


Weather-Resistant Powder-Coated Steel

Though delicate in appearance, the wind spinner is made of laser-cut 20-gauge steel for superior durability. It's painted with UV-protected ink and finished with a high-gloss, rust-resistant powder coating to help keep the spinner safe from the elements season after season. 


Accessorizing with Wind Chimes and More

Add to your wind spinner by attaching accessories from Iron Stop®'s handsome indoor/outdoor collections. A spiral tail or wind chime (both sold separately) adds extra flair to your spinner. Iron Stop® also offers battery- and solar-powered motors that create a continuous spinning action--perfect for use indoors or outside on a windless day. Top and bottom hanging holes allow the wind spinner to be hung from additional animated wind spinners to create a customized display. Each animated wind spinner offers a unique animation--from galloping horses, swimming dolphins, soaring eagles, and busy woodpeckers to dragonflies flying over lily pads, cardinals fluttering amongst cherry blossoms, and beautiful butterflies flapping their wings. Show off your love of horseback riding, your patriotic spirit, your love of nature--the collection offers something for everyone.


Made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA, the wind spinner measures 10 inches in diameter and makes a thoughtful gift idea for friends and family. 



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