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Iron Stop® Animated Horse Wind Spinner

model #: BNDA240-10

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Sprucing up your outdoor living area. This Animated Horse Wind Spinner twists and turns in the wind giving the illusion that the horse is galloping across a field. A beautiful addition to any backyard setting. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Animated Horse Wind Spinner


Art comes to life in this Iron Stop® Animated Horse Wind Spinner, with a lenticular Horse design at the center that creates a beautiful display as it spins in the wind. Made of 20 gauge powder coated steel for superior durability and weather resistance, this colorful spinner is a great addition to any lawn or garden. A marvelous piece of decor for indoors or out.








Q: What is the difference between lenticulars and holograms?

A: Both lenticular and holographic images can show depth and/or motion.  After that they have nothing in common!


Holograms are usually monochromatic (one color) and need to be lit perfectly in order to be seen.  They are produced with laser light that is reflected onto an emulsion.  When lit correctly they are stunning but when not lit correctly...not so much.


Lenticular is a printing process, does not need special lighting in order to look it's best and does not scratch. In fact, one of the most popular uses for lenticular is as a direct mailer.




Q: What is lenticular and what does that odd name mean?


A: Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto a lens material.  This material is a special plastic made up of lenticules, hence the name lenticular printing.  The image, viewed through the lenticules, appears to move as it is turned creating dramatic animation or depth.



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