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Iron Stop® Lunar Splash Spinner, Spiral and Motor, All-in-One Starter Kit

model #: BIS7

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Adding a touch of class to any indoor or outdoor space. The stunning, yet graceful motif of the lunar splash wind spinner will add sparkling color to any lawn or garden while spinning to create a visual work of art with bold graphic shapes. Bundle also includes a color coordinating spiral tail and motor. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Lunar Splash Wind Spinner, Spiral Tail & Motor, All-in-One Starter Kit


The beautiful Iron Stop® Lunar Splash Wind Spinner, Spiral Tail & Motor, All-in-One Starter Kit features a wind spinner with a unique design of vibrant blue and purple colors paired with a color coordinating spiral tail to enhance the motion as it spins. A 30 RPM battery operated  motor allows your spinner/spiral tail set to maintain constant motion, supplying continual movement for a soothing and relaxing addition to your indoor or outdoor décor.




Lunar Splash Spinner

Designer Lunar Splash Wind Spinner, made of 20 gauge steel will make a great addition to any lawn or garden. Makes a great gife idea, made with UV-protected ink that is environmentally-friendly and a high gloss, rust-resistant powder coating to help keep the spinner safe from the elements season after season.



Silver Tail Blue Ball

Silver Spiral Tail - Blue Ball- with blue colored glass ball makes the perfect complement to any wind spinner. As it twists in the breeze, the ball looks like it’s trying to climb to the top or escape out the bottom, creating an eye-catching illusion that’s fun to watch.



30 RPM Motor

Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM, No wind? This wind spinner motor creates a gentle twirling action, allowing you to enjoy the movement of your spinner even when nature doesn't cooperate. Want to use your spinner inside? This motor is the perfect accessory to give you the full wind spinner experience without a breeze.

All About...


All About:

  • Lunar Splash spinners can be decorative both indoors and for outdoor garden decor
  • Melodic sounds combined with eye-catching shimmer/sparkle
  • Perfect for the garden decor enthusiast and a fun gift idea
  • Wind chimes and wind spinners are proudly made in the US
  • Wind chimes are high quality, 30 gauge, chrome plated steel
  • Four tube sizes - 5.25", 4.875", 4.5" & 4.125"- create the harmony of musical tones
  • Designs are hand-sketched, copyrighted, one-of-kind exclusively from Iron Stop®
  • Wind Spinners feature high-gloss, light refractive, rust-resistant protective powder coating
  • We use state of the art ink that is UV protected and environmentally-friendly
  • Iron Stop® wind chimes complement any of our other wind spinners, wind chimes, and our matching Crystal Twisters