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Iron Stop® Designer 3D Fairy Wind Spinner

model #: BD6031-10

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Lending an enchanting touch to any corner of your home or garden. This playful fairy graces you with her magic at every turn. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Designer 3D Fairy Wind Spinners


For centuries, legendary tales of fairies have graced children’s books and folklore. From their quickness to their magical powers, stories including Peter Pan have made these mythical creatures famous. Now you can capture the Iron Stop® 3D Fairy Wind Spinner to enjoy any time you please.


Birthdays, Christmas, holidays… these whimsical garden decorations are the perfect gift for practically any occasion.




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All About Iron Stop®® Designer 3D Fairy Wind Spinners 

While delicate in appearance, these Iron Stop® whimsical garden decorations are constructed of solid 20-gauge steel.  Add to that a weather-resistant powder coating and you have fairy wind chimes / spinners that won’t rust or fade. The special coating of glitter-infused paint means these 3D wind spinners will continue to dazzle you for many seasons.



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