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Iron Stop Gazing Ball Flower Wind Spinner

model #: BD1525-10
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Creating a winsome spot in your home or garden. The Gazing Ball Flower Wind Spinner creates beautiful reflections and a sense of wonder as it spins and twirls in the breeze waiting for new viewers to delight. read full product details »  
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Iron Stop Gazing Ball Flower Wind Spinner


There’s just something about reflections that bring about a sense of wonder. Whether it’s a pool of water or a gazing ball, spinners from Iron Stop offer you the same feeling each time you see them twirling in the breeze.

As a combination of two popular home and garden decorations, this Iron Stop Flower Gazing Ball Wind Spinner doubles the beauty and enjoyment.  Decorated in a stunning palette of glitter-infused paints from fuchsia to grape, you’ll marvel at the visual effects these flower spinners serve up.




All About...

All About Iron Stop™ Gazing Ball Flower Wind Spinners

Iron Stop offers the original flower wind spinner brushed with a high-gloss, light-refractive coating. Because of their rust-resistant coating, there are no worries about rusting or fading. Using state-of-the-art FujiFilm ink with UV protection adds long life and vibrant hues to your flower spinners.