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Iron Stop® Classic Penn State Wind Spinner

model #: BC102-10

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Iron Stop® Classic Penn State Wind Spinner


For the Penn State fan, this Iron Stop® Penn State Wind Spinner will light up any fan’s face.  The Nittany Lion and the blue and white twist and turn in the breeze.


Made in the U.S.A., you can hang it almost anywhere.  Its special UV-protective, glitter-infused paint adds a brilliance that would light up Beaver Stadium. All Collegiate Products are subject to updates throughout the year.







Wind Spinner FAQs


Q:  Where is your wind spinner made?

A:  All of Iron Stop®'s wind spinners are proudly made in the USA.




Q:  Will my wind spinner fade if I leave it outside?


A:  Iron Stop® spinners utilize state-of-the-art FujiFilm ink that includes UV protection to maintain its brilliance longer.



Q:  Is this the same wind spinner others offer?

 A:  No, this is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive copyrighted design available only from Iron Stop®.



Q:  What if there isn't any wind? How will my wind spinner work?

A:  You can purchase an Iron Stop® battery- or solar-powered motor that automatically spins your wind spinner for you.



Q:  What type of metal is used to make the spinners?

A:  The wind spinners are made of heavy, 20 gauge, cold rolled steel.




Q:  Does the gloss coating offer any special ingredients or protection?


A:  The gloss coating on Iron Stop®'s wind spinners is an enamel powder coat. The powder is sprayed on and then the products are run through an oven that melts the powder into the gloss coat. It effectively seals the steel to make it rust resistant. The powder coat used also contains glitter to make the products sparkle even more in the light.



Q:  What is the process when beginning a new design?


A:  Iron Stop®'s wind spinners are hand-sketched, copyrighted, one-of-a-kind designs. They start the old-fashioned way with a pencil and paper. The design is sketched on paper to get a rough idea of what they want designed and how the piece will look. Once they get the basic shape figured out they scan the sketch and redraw it on the computer using special software. Once it is where they want it they send the file to a laser programmer to have a sample made. After they get the sample back and make any necessary adjustments they then proceed to designing the graphics.




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