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Iron Stop® Wind Chime Accessory - Clear Ball

model #: B8070-8

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Decorating any lawn or garden with a vibrant silver wind chime with a clear ball accent. A perfect choice for indoor or outdoor décor. Combine with any Iron Stop® Wind Spinner for a soft-relaxing sound. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Wind Chime Accessory - Clear Ball 

This Iron Stop® Wind Chime Accessory with Clear Ball is a perfect addition to any of our wind spinners. Each wind chime compliments the spinners with a soft, relaxing sound, finsihed with a colored ball at the bottom. The accessory wind chimes with colored ball, come in five different colors to easily coordinate with any Iron Stop® Wind Spinner. A wonderful addition to any living space, indoors or out.






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1 15 inch Hook
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