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Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper/Red

model #: B8069-7

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Adding beauty to your favorite outdoor living area with this beautiful copper crystal twister.  The red and clear crystals inside appear to move as the twister twirls in the wind. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper/Red


This Iron Stop® Classic Copper Twister with Red Crystal looks great whether it’s hanging from a wind spinner or hanging by itself. The crystals inside look like they’re trying to get to the top or bottom as the twister rotates, making a great optical illusion. For a really nice look, hang it outside where the sunlight will reflect off the crystal, creating a dazzling display.




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All About Iron Stop®™ Classic Crystal Twisters


Crafted from 20-gauge steel wire electroplated with copper-colored chrome, these Twisters are an excellent addition to any patriotic garden. Fully rust resistant, you can use this copper and red accessory at Christmastime, as Fourth of July décor or anytime.



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