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Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Silver/Red

model #: B8068-7

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Adding beauty to your favorite outdoor living area with this beautiful silver crystal twister.  The red and clear crystals inside appear to move as the twister twirls in the wind. read full product details »
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Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Silver/Red


This Iron Stop® Classic Silver Twister with Red Crystal looks great whether it’s hanging from a wind spinner or hanging by itself. The crystals inside look like they’re trying to get to the top or bottom as the twister rotates, making a great optical illusion. For a really nice look, hang it outside where the sunlight will reflect off the crystal, creating a dazzling display.


Note: Not ideal for beach homes.







Twister FAQs


Q:  Where is the twister made?

A:  All of Iron Stop®'s twisters are proudly made in the USA.




Q:  What type of metal is used to make the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are made of 2.5mm steel wire.




Q: W hat type of crystal is used in the twisters? Is it crystal, glass?

A: The crystals used in the Iron Stop® crystal twisters are cut-glass crystal. They create great rainbows!




Q: I s there any type of protective coating applied to the twisters?

A:  The Iron Stop® twisters are electroplated with either a chrome- or a copper- colored chrome finish to ensure rust resistance.




Q:  What is the process when beginning a new design?

A:  Just like with Iron Stop® wind spinners, Iron Stop® twisters are hand-sketched, copyrighted, one-of-a-kind designs. They start with a pencil and sketch the design on paper. Once they get the basic shape, they scan the sketch and redraw it on the computer using special software. Once satisfied, they send the file to their laser programmer to have a sample made. After they get the sample back and make any necessary adjustments, they then proceed to designing the graphics.







1 Electric Motor
1 15 inch Hook