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Safer® Brand Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer - 32 oz RTU

model #: B5055

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This natural weed killer will not move through soil or injure nearby plants. Highly effective with results in hours! read full product details »
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Safer® Brand Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer - 32 oz RTU


Were you aware that synthetic chemicals can travel through the soil and damage nearby plants? OR You want to kill weeds in your garden and home, but do not want to use synthetic chemicals?? Safer® Brand has the answer!


Natural weed killer such as Safer® Brand Weed and Grass Killer will not travel throughout the soil and damage nearby plants.


Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer

Synthetic chemicals can also leave residuals that stay in your soil for upwards of a year, possibly allowing your pets and children to become exposed to these residuals. The Safer® Brand Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer utilizes potassium salts of fatty acids which kills weeds and unwanted grasses in and around walks, fences, patios, driveways, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs. The herbicidal action is rapid with effects visible in hours.


This effective weed killer will not move through soil or injure nearby plants, as well as break down into its natural state in as little as 5-7 days, unlike synthetic weed killers.


Eliminate unwanted grass and weeds with this powerful formula. This product is safe to use around children and pets. Weeds can crowd out your flowers and starve them of vital nutrients. Using this product will allow your plants room to breathe and allow them to receive nutrients from the soil. Using a product such as Ringer® Lawn Restore fertilizer feeds your soil so that your soil can provide your plants with the healthy nutrients they need.


With a full line of organic lawn fertilizer products, and organic weed control, Safer® Brand provides you with the tools to an organic lawn.



Directions for Use:

Shake well and use as provided for spot treatment of weeds. Ensure thorough wetting and complete coverage of all unwanted vegetation. Do not apply during windy conditions that will carry spray to undesired vegetation. (Reminder: Safer® Brand Weed and Grass Killer will not travel through the soil to other plants, unlike synthetic chemicals) Only the plants directly contacted by the herbicide spray will be damaged.


Use on Weeds:

This product will control most young, succulent and actively growing weeds. Several treatments may be necessary to control grasses and established weeds. Maturing or woody weeds are less susceptible and may not be killed. This product will not kill all perennial weeds but will result in top kill and suppression.


Weeds and grasses emerging after application and regrowth from perennial weeds after top kill will not be controlled without reapplication. Under some conditions, tough weeds like Bermudagrass, Canada thistle and bindweed will show signs of regrowth after several weeks. Should this occur, retreat with Safer® Brand Weed and Grass Killer. This product is non-selective and non-residual. This produce will not move through the soil to injure nearby plants. Treated areas can be seeded two days after application.


For Best Results:

Apply to weeds during early periods of growth and during warm, dry weather. Herbicidal action is rapid with effects visible within hours. The speed at which this product works is affected by climatic conditions. For most rapid kill, apply in warm, dry weather. This product may cause white residue on some types of brickwork and concrete. This residue will wear off after a few weeks.


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Safer® Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products. Safer® Brand recognizes the growing demand by consumers for these products, offering a wide variety of natural and organic solutions for lawn, garden, landscape, flowers, houseplants, insects and more!

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All About Weeds


Unwanted weeds can cause harm in your garden if left unattended. They can crowd out the flowers and vegetable plants you have worked hard to cultivate.


All About Weeds - Help and AdviceWeeds can also cause damage to sidewalks and cause cracks in driveways and other outdoor surfaces; and let’s not forget how weeds can take over a backyard.


Weeds are typically just plants that are growing in the wrong place. Most weeds are just the natural flowers and plants that grow in your area and some may have been introduced in the past for medicinal, culinary or decorative purposes. So if you are wondering how to classify weeds basically, if you didn’t plant it, and you don’t want it in your lawn or garden, it’s a weed.


Unwanted weeds can cause allergic reactions for some people; some of them have jagged leaves and many of them are unruly and well, they grow like weeds, taking over your garden and crowding out the plants you have spent time, energy and money on cultivating.



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