Ultomato® Tomato Plant Cages by Gardener's Blue Ribbon®

cobraco staking systems - ultomato

Gardener's Blue Ribbon®'s Ultomato® Tomato Plant Support Cage - the ultimate tomato staking system - has been designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables.

Watch as Master Gardener William Moss demonstrates how to use the Ultomato® Plant Staking System, shows how quickly and easily you can setup your own Ultomato® and covers the benefits »

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6 Adjustable Tomato Plant Cages
12 in. x .5 in. - 3 pk/12
1 Adjustable Tomato Plant Cage
$9.62  $8.66 Sale
3/pack, 12 inch x .5 inch
3/pack, 10 in - 14 in x .5 in
Ultomato, dust & spray
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