Tomato Stakes and Cages

Our tomato stake and cage selection includes the popular Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Ultomato® adjustable tomato cage - designed to grow with your tomatoes; and the Stake It Easy® expandable plant staking system - designed to adjust to your plants as they grow, whether they need to expand up, or out.


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Plant Supports, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Ultomato™ Tomato Plant Cage, TMC60
1 Adjustable Tomato Plant Cage
Plant Supports, Ultomato™ Stake Arms, SA12 New
3/pack, 12 inch x .5 inch
Plant Supports, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon 3-Pack Ultomato Expandable Stake Arms, SAEXP10-14 New
3/pack, 10 inch X 14 inch x .5 inch
(not rated)
Plant Supports, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stake Support Rings, SSR
3 pack Support Rings
(not rated)
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