Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 10 in Rubber Tree Ties (10 Pack)

model #: T019B

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  • 10 tree straps
  • Each strap 10 inches long
  • Brace trees that need support
  • Wide straps won't cut or choke trees
  • Non-tearing grommets
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 10 in Rubber Tree Ties (10 Pack)


Young trees and growing saplings need an extra degree of protection and the Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Tree Ties will brace them on a stake until they're strong enough to stand on their own. 

These strong tree ties are made to avoid damaging delicate bark on young trees -- they will not cut into or choke the trees.


Each strap is 10 inches long, and each has a wire tie that can be twisted into a loop to secure it to a stake.

Each pack includes 10 ties.







Q:  Why do trees need to be braced with tree ties?

A:  Freshly planted trees do not have a robust root system. This can make them susceptible to being blown over during stormy weather or changing position when the ground is wet. Tree ties allow you to brace your tree with a stake that's been firmly set into the ground.




Q:  What's the best way to push my stakes into the ground?


A:  The best stake to use when trying to secure a tree are called T-Posts. Often green, these metal stakes are strong enough to hold a tree in place. Use a T-Post Driver to hammer it in place. Before you drive the stake into the ground, make sure it won't damage any underground utilities!




Q:  My ties are in place, any other safety considerations?


A:  Depending on how close the straps are to the stakes, you may want to attach colorful streamers to the wire that connects the two. You don't want children or animals hurting themselves on the wire.






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