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Expandable Stake Arms

model #: SAEXP10-14

Best Used For:
Adding an adjustable support to your Ultomato tomato cage. These stake arms are expandable to any size from 10” to 14.” They are perfect for creating a cage for any growing or climbing plant that can adjust and expand as the plant grows. read full product details »
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Expandable Stake Arms

Stake Arms


Reinforce your tomato cage to help grow healthier tomatoes and plants. 


These Expandable Stake Arms are designed to provide additional support to your Ultomato Tomato cage. They are expandable from 10” to 14” to provide customizable support for your growing plants. These expandable stakes also feature an adjustable connector which allows them to connect at different angles. You can either use them to reinforce your existing cage, or you can use them to add an additional stake or two to grow the cage as your plant grows.



3/pack, 12" x .5"
1 Adjustable Tomato Plant Cage
$9.62  $8.66 Sale