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CobraCo™ Two-Tiered Garden Cart

model #: FC100
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Displaying plants and flowers. Use this decorative cart finished in a deep hunter green, to nicely display your potted plants/flowers. read full product details »  
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CobraCo™ Two-Tiered Garden Cart


Two Tiered Garden Cart

Add a touch of style to any space with this charming CobraCo™ Two-Tiered Garden Cart. This garden cart beautifully displays flowers, potted plants, and assorted greenery with class and pretty panache--perfect for a back deck, balcony, patio, or three-season porch.


This graceful two-tiered garden cart features sweeping curves, thin straight lines, and a delicate overall presence that not only looks lovely on its own, but also isn't over-powering, which means it can effortlessly showcase an arrangement, bringing blooming begonias, gardenias, geraniums, petunias, and other flowering plants center stage. The CobraCo Two-Tiered Garden Cart comes with a slotted top shelf, a smaller slotted bottom shelf, and a round-shaped frame that mirrors its two curved push handles and four round wheels--complete with interior scrollwork in the shape of geometric hearts.


Made of vinyl-covered steel, this lovely garden cart resists rust for high-quality performance and good looks from one season to the next, year after year. Finished in a deep hunter green, the cart effortlessly coordinates with surrounding outdoor decor while adding a subtle splash of color to any setting.The cart's slatted surfaces also prevent rain water or water from a watering can from pooling. Side bars help keep potted plants in place, and the cart's curved handles make it comfortable to push or pull the smooth-rolling cart into place.


Dimensions are 26"L x 10"W x 25"H.


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