CobraCo® Decorative Butterfly Plant Stand™

model #: BFPLNTST

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  • Decorative Butterfly Design
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Great for Unused Corner Spaces
  • 25 lb capacity
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CobraCo® Decorative Butterfly Plant Stand™


The Butterfly Plant Stand™ from CobraCo® is the perfect plant stand for inside and outside your home. Its gorgeous butterfly design and wrought-iron styling instantly accentuates any plant you place on it. If your plant happens to be a climbing or vining plant, then all the better! Vines can climb up the stand's wings and spiral patterns for added effect.

Butterfly Plant Stand


No hiding behind railings or under windowsills with this plant stand - your plants will get the elevation they need for maximum sun exposure while adding to your decor. When used outside, the stand also makes watering easy -- a quick spray from the hose will soak your pot while allowing excess water to instantly drain through its metal-mesh shelf.


The Butterfly Plant Stand™ from CobraCo® features an all-metal, easy-to-assemble design. It takes just a few minutes to put together and have it ready for use. Measuring 27 inches tall, this stand is capable of holding up to 25 pounds on its metal-mesh shelf. The stand sits on wide-set legs, making it highly stable - even when it's holding a heavy pot.


Placing your Butterfly Plant Stand™ is easy too. It's designed to fit in those unused corners of your porch or patio, thanks to its angled, three-leg design. It also looks great on its own. Just slide it into any area to make the most of your space! is the leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. CobraCo® products are designed to provide function and utility to your outdoor decor

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