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30 inch metal plant stands

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30 Inch Metal Plant Stands 

Elevate your potted plant displays with 30 inch high plant stands from CobraCo®. Have you ever experienced damage in and around your home caused by planters? Potted plants can scratch the surfaces of your furniture or kill the grass directly underneath due to the weight. Plant stands are a convenient way to lift your pots off of furniture and the ground, while also creating an eye-catching plant presentation. If you have houseplants or even outdoor potted plants, metal plant stands from CobraCo® are a perfect accessory!

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Plant Stands, CobraCo® 30 Inch Canterbury Scroll Top Plant Stand, SCBPS1030-B
10 in W X 30 in H
Plant Stands, CobraCo® 30 Inch Basic Plant Stand, Black, S1030-B
10 in W x 30 in H
Plant Stands, CobraCo® 30 Inch Basic Plant Stand, White, S1030-W
10 in W x 30 in H
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Sturdy, Lightweight Design


Plant stands from CobraCo® are made from sturdy metal to ensure years of use. The three-legged style offers support for even your heavy planters, so you never have to worry about tipping. Despite the sturdiness and durability, these plant stands are also conveniently light weight. This allows for easy portability so you can transport your stand to different locations around your home or yard as necessary.


Styles to Match Any Decor


It can be difficult to keep things complementary when your decorative style is constantly evolving. Metal plant stands offer a classic look that is sure to match your existing decor and planters, whether you're planting indoors or outdoors. Plus, the 30 inch height elevates your plants to the perfect height so they can be viewed with ease. CobraCo® has a variety of sizes and finishes available so you can get the precise look you desire.