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Safer® Brand Magic Start® Grass Patch Transition

model #: BCO3610
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Repairing grass. Why put up with bare, thin spots on your lawn? This Tall Fescue Mix will make your lawn healthy and strong and make you proud! read full product details »  
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Safer® Brand Magic Start® Grass Patch Transition


Don't let your grass look sparse and unhealthy; use this convenient organic fertilizer/grass repair product for results that will make you proud!


The Safer® Brand Magic Start® Grass Patch Transition(region)Lawn Repair is an easy and effective way to repair bare and thin spots in your lawn. This complete patch product contains seed, starter, fertilizer, and mulch and covers 100 square feet.  100% natural condensed mulch turns green when watered.  This product contains nitrogen (.5%) which makes the lawn green, phosphate (1%) which creates good, sturdy roots and potassium (1%) which acts as a disease fighter.  Nitrogen also neutralizes pet damage areas.


Using Safer® Brand Magic Start Grass Patch in conjunction with our effective line of organic lawn care products, including organic fertilizer and organic weed control.


This powder and granular mixture is of Tall Fescue for transitional geographic areas.


Directions for Use:

  1. For best results, remove any dead material and loosen soil of area to be treated.
  2. Shake the bag in case settling occurred in shipment
  3. Open and apply over the area to be treated
  4. Water lightly to activate the mulch. The mulch will turn green to let you know when you have watered enough.
  5. Keep the treated area moist by watering one or more times daily for the next 7-10 days or until the new grass is established.
  6. Depending on conditions, you should see germination within 6-8 days. Avoid traffic on the newly planted area until it is well established.


Re-treatment may be necessary on slopes if heavy rains occur within 24 hours of initial application


Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch, Organic Lawn Care



Safer® Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products. Safer® Brand recognizes the growing demand by consumers for these products, offering a wide variety of natural and organic solutions for lawn, garden, landscape, flowers, houseplants, insects and more!



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