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Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program

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Establishing a healthy, lush, green lawn naturally. Great for use on all lawn types. Safe for use around children and pets. read full product details »
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Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program

New and improved formula, with double the coverage in one bag – up to 5,000 sq ft! Organic lawn care doesn’t have to mean expensive lawn care. Lawn Restore II covers twice the amount of land as the original formula as well as other leading organic fertilizers, saving you money. And, we did not have to sacrifice effectiveness and great results!  



A beautiful lawn delivered to your door.

The Safer® Brand organic lawn care program makes growing a lush lawn
easier than ever before - now covers up to 5,000 sq ft!

 Apply Ringer® Lawn Restore II in April for fast green up
 Apply Concern® Weed Prevention Plus™ in May to prevent weeds
 Apply Ringer® Lawn Restore II in July to maintain strong, healthy root systems
 Apply Ringer® Lawn Restore II in September to winterize your lawn

Application schedule is based on a general timeframe to fit most users. Application timing can be adjusted based on user’s temperatures in their location.


Three applications of Lawn Restore II per year will give you a green, healthy and sustainable lawn.  Lawn Restore® is a controlled release fertilizer made from organic materials, and a blend of beneficial soil microorganisms that provides a quick green-up, promotes deep root development, and makes your grass stronger, greener, and more resistant to adverse weather conditions and certain lawn diseases. A more robust lawn is also able to choke out emerging weeds. It contains no manures and no has no manure odor.  

An application of Weed Prevention Plus® in the spring will prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.  Weed Prevention Plus® is powered by all-natural corn gluten meal which contains naturally occurring substances that grow bacteria and starve weeds of the nutrients the seed's tiny feeder roots need to grow. It is a pre-emergent herbicide and causes the weed seedlings to die before their roots ever have a chance to become established. Apply Weed Prevention Plus® when soil temperature reaches 55ºF (10ºC).


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Did You Know?

When you spray chemical fertilizers onto your lawn, they travel into the soil and can kill the beneficial insects and microorganisms who call this soil home. Chemical fertilizers also contain salt which can dry out and burn your grass. Chemical fertilizers work by treating just the plant, not the soil it grows in -- giving it a shock of chemicals it will need to green up and grow fast.  But, chemical fertilizers neglect the soil, and strip the soil of all of the valuable nutrients it needs to develop deep root systems.


Organic fertilizers, like Ringer® Lawn Restore, have no risk of harmful results due over application like synthetic/chemical fertilizers, so there’s no need to worry about toxic runoff or burning your grass.



Weed Controls, Concern® Weed Prevention Plus® for Gardens - 5 lb, BCO97181
5 lb bag