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TERRO® Spider Killer Spray

model #: 2BT2301
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Killing spiders, including black widow. This product is also effective against ants, cockroaches, scorpions, ticks, silverfish, Asian lady beetles and bedbugs. Protects up to 6 weeks. read full product details »  
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TERRO® Spider Killer Spray



T2302 TERRO Spider Killer

Protect yourself from an array of creepy crawlers, including the black widow with TERRO® long-lasting spider killer spray.   With dual protection, TERRO® Spider Killer provides instant knockdown and delivers long-lasting residual repellency for up to 6 weeks.



Where to Use Outdoors


Outdoors, TERRO® Spider Killer Spray is highly effective against crawling insects, ants, cockroaches, crickets, centipedes and silverfish. When spraying, point the spray nozzle away from your face, holding the can on a slight downward angle. Spray infested surface of patio or picnic area, hitting as many insects as possible. Also spray legs of tables and chairs to repel ants.  Spray ant hills for best control.  For best results, spray when the air is calm.



Where to Use Indoors


Apply as a general surface, spot, or crack and crevice treatment to all non-food areas where these pests crawl and hide:  cracks and crevices; behind baseboard; around doors and windows; behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks and stove; hidden areas around sinks and storage areas; the underside of shelves, drawers, bookcases and similar areas.  Spray directly on spiders and other creepy crawlers when they emerge from hiding.


TERRO Spider Target



Apply along and behind baseboards, to window and door frames, corners, pipes, storage localities, attics, crawl spaces and other areas where these pests are found.  Spray spiders directly for best results.



Spray around ant trails and around doors and windows and other places where ants enter the house.  Repeat if re-infestation occurs, but do not apply more than once per week.


Carpenter Ants:

For effective control, locate and treat nests and surrounding areas.  Apply around doors and windows and other places where ants enter premises and where they crawl and hide.  Spray into infested wood through existing openings.  Repeat after 4 weeks or if re-infestation occurs, but do not apply more than once per week.



Remove and wash linens.  Take bed apart and spray into all joints.  Treat baseboards, moldings and floors.  Apply to the interior of the frame.  Allow all articles to dry before remaking bed.


View video to see how TERRO® Spider Killer plays a part in your overall spider control: