Plant Caddies for Houseplants

Indoor House Plant Trays 

Have you ever moved one of your plants only to discover a ring underneath the pot? If you have potted plants inside your home, you know how messy it can be. But worry not - our convenient planter trays help protect your furniture and floors from water damage caused by overwatered plants. If you have houseplants or even outdoor potted plants, this is a perfect accessory.

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Designed with You in Mind


Featuring a rigid, durable design, our house plant trays will not only protect your furnishings, but will keep your plants healthy as well. The unique designs on the trays double as channels that will keep your plants out of the excess water. Plus, the clear construction of each tray will blend into your décor.


For Holding Multiple Plants


If you like to place several plants in the same area, these plant trays will serve you well. The oblong shape is perfect for holding multiple plants at once. The variety of tray sizes available ensures that you can accommodate an assortment of planters.