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Houseplant Care Kit

model #: B60006001KIT

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  • Provides everything you need to care for your houseplant
  • Maintains optimum moisture in your houseplants
  • Works with almost any planter
  • Keeps your indoor plants healthy and organized
  • Save on this set when compared to purchasing items individually
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Houseplant Care Kit


Do you love filling your home with plants? Our Houseplant Care Kit provides everything you need to maintain your indoor garden. The innovative watering system and sensors help you to maintain proper moisture levels, even while you’re on vacation, while our copper plant labels offer a decorative element that simultaneously helps you identify your plant varieties.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Copper Plant Labelscopper plant labels
In a full garden, it can be difficult to keep track of the many plants as they sprout and mature. Copper Plant Labels are a great way to remember and identify each plant featured in your garden. Plus, the labels are made of attractive copper which will stand out and add a little something special to your garden display.


First, use a marker or sticker on each copper label to identify each variety of plant. Then simply place the two-pronged metal stake into the soil near your plants. The versatile design allows you to use them anywhere in your garden, flowerbeds, or houseplant planters. Best of all, these labels are reusable and will last through several seasons.


CobraCo® Plant Sitter® Water Systemplant sitter watering system
The CobraCo® Plant Sitter® Water System is an automatic watering system that provides a healthy well-balanced diet of water & fertilizer for your plants. The 1 quart tank and ceramic sensor fits almost any planter, so can use it with your existing containers. The CobraCo® Plant Sitter® provides drip irrigation for a houseplant for up to 3 weeks, making it an ideal solution for when you are away from home on vacation.


watering sensors

CobraCo® Ceramic Watering Sensors

The CobraCo® Ceramic Watering Sensors provide automatic watering of houseplants. The sensors come in a 3-pack and will work with any water container. The drip time is approximately 6 to 10 hours per water sensor. Our unique watering sensors allow you to keep your plants at the proper moisture level at all times – even when you’re away from home!® is a leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® products are designed to help every gardener -- from the novice to the expert – make their growing season a success.



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