CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder Lid

model #: LIDWOVEN-BZ

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Creating a safe, dry place to store your garden hose, this steel lid will keep out dirt and rain while keeping your hose accessible for use. Also great for indoor use storing other household items. read full product details »
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CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder Lid


CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder Lid is the ultimate accessory for its matching Hose Holder. Use this solid steel lid to keep the rain and debris out if used outdoors, or to keep your household items hidden if used indoors. The lid adds a finished look to your hose holder.


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Hose Holders, CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder, HHWOVEN-BZ
18 in W x 14 in H
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