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CobraCo® Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder Lid

model #: LIDCLDCOP-C

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Best Used For:
Protecting your hose holder from dirt and debris with this beautiful copper lid.  Discreetly store household and other items, too when used indoors! read full product details »
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CobraCo® Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder Lid


CobraCo® Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder Lid is the ultimate accessory for its matching Hose Holder. Use this solid copper lid to keep the rain and debris out if used outdoors, or to keep your household items hidden if used indoors. The lid adds a finished look to your hose holder.


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Note: This copper hose holder lid is un-coated to provide a rustic texture and charm. Like any natural material that is left outdoors, the copper finish will be affected by the environment. The natural copper finish will develop a beautiful patina creating a weathered appearance that will blend naturally with other outdoor elements to create harmony and authenticity.


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20 in W x 12.75 in H
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