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Hose Holders, CobraCo™  Beehive Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set, BHHBEECOP-C

CobraCo™ Beehive Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set

model #: BHHBEECOP-C
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Holding hoses or other indoor or outdoor items. This beehive-inspired shape and polished copper finish container and matching lid can be used for neatly storing hoses, magazines, newspapers and potted plants. read full product details »  
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CobraCo™ Beehive Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set




Enhance your backyard with the beauty of solid copper with the CobraCo™ Beehive Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set. With a beehive-inspired shape and a polished copper finish, this hose holder has so many uses, the possibilities are endless! Use it as a hose holder to attractively store 75 feet of garden hose. As a decorative container, it can store many household items such as magazines, newspapers, potted plants, and kindling. The beautiful bright copper finish is a compliment to any backyard or indoor décor. This kit also comes with a matching lid to make sure that any unwanted debris and rain stay out of your new decorative holder!


Center post guides hose for easy coiling and uncoiling. Remove center post for storage of other household items. The Beehive Solid Copper Hose Holder Kit will be an attractive addition to any room or backyard landscape.


Accessorize your CobraCo™ Beehive Solid Copper Hose Holder with our Scroll Hose Guide (Model # HGSCROL-B).


Note: This copper hose holder and accompanying lid are un-coated to provide a rustic texture and charm. Like any natural material that is left outdoors, the copper finish will be affected by the environment. The natural copper finish will develop a beautiful patina creating a weathered appearance that will blend naturally with other outdoor elements to create harmony and authenticity.

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All About...


All About CobraCo™ Hose Holders


Garden hoses are an important tool for maintaining a beautiful backyard and garden, but attractively storing them can be a challenge. That is why CobraCo™ hose holders are designed with both style and function so that you can store your garden hose in a way that adds to your garden’s beauty. Most of the hose holders also have a matching lid available as part of a set for a complete storing package.


Steel Hose Holders

Steel hose holders provide sturdy rust-resistant quality with the widest selection of shapes and styles. From the sleek polished steel look to powdered coated models that are available in virtually any color, steel provides a quality product at an affordable price.


Copper hose holders combine the beauty of copper with the functionality of a CobraCo™ hose holder. These holders can be polished and maintained to keep their warm copper beauty, or they can also be allowed to develop a beautiful patina finish from the effects of weathering, adding an aged, weathered beauty to your hose holder.


CobraCo™ hose holders can be used as decorative containers that are perfect for use indoors or out and can be used to hold firewood, magazines, blankets, or any other item you need to store. The majority of our hose holders feature a removable center-post which gives them plenty of room for all of your storage needs. The variety of styles and colors make it easy to match any décor. 


Hose Holder Inspiration Gallery

Need Some Inspiration?  Check out our NEW Hose Holder Inspiration Gallery for some great ideas of how to use your CobraCo™ holder for decorative purposes - beyond an outdoor garden hose holder. The uses for a CobraCo™ Hose Holder are limited only by your imagination!







Beehive Steel Holder & Lid
18"W x 11.5"H
6"W x 14"H x 1"D
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