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Decorative Garden Hose Holders and Hose Pots 

Store your garden hose with a stylish, chic garden hose holder! Beautifully aged or decorated holders that are great for hiding your water hose or storing other items such as fire wood, throw pillows, blankets or magazines - with style.

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Hose Holders, CobraCo® Embossed Bird Hose Holder and Lid Set, HHEBR
18 in W x 11.5 in H
 $59.99 $100 Sale
Hose Holders, CobraoCo® Hammered Copper Garden Hose Holder, HHRIRN-S
18 in W x 12 in H
 $59.99 $100 Sale
Hose Holders, CobraCo® Cylinder Hose Holder, HHCIRN-S
17 in W x 13 in H
 $59.99 $100 Sale
Hose Holders, CobraCo® Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder, HHRLEF
18 in W x 11 in H
 $59.99 $100 Sale
Hose Holders, CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder, HHWOVEN-BZ
18 in W x 14 in H
 $59.99 $120 Sale
(not rated)
Hose Holders, CobraCo® Woven Steel Hose Holder Lid, LIDWOVEN-BZ
18 in W x 3 in H
 $14.99 $30 Sale
(not rated)
Hose Holders, CobraCo® Lattice Steel Hose Holder Lid, LIDLATICE-AG
Lattice Steel Lid
 $14.99 $30 Sale
Hose Holders, CobraoCo® Embossed Garden Hose Holder, HHEIRN
17 in W x 14 in H
 $59.99 $100 Sale
On Backorder
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Our Garden Hose Holders


Tired of unattractive hoses lying around the yard? Stop tripping on them and running them over with the lawnmower! A coil garden hose holder is the stylish answer to your problems.


Hose Holders Hold a Lot of Hose!


Choose one of our striking hose holders specifically designed to hold up to 150-feet of 5/8” garden hose. Drain holes located at the base of the hose holder allows leftover water to flow out. You’ll love the way these garden hose holders look on your deck, porch or backyard.


CobraCo® Quality


Made from attractive steel, cast iron and copper, these high quality CobraCo® hose holders are designed to last. They are covered by the 30-day guarantee.