Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stretch Tie

model #: T007B

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  • Won't damage delicate plants
  • .48" wide and 150 ft long flexible plastic tie
  • Weather proof design
  • Green color blends in with garden
  • Cut or rip to desired length
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stretch Tie


The perfect gardener's tool, this stretch tie will support branches and vines while allowing you plants to grow. This plastic tie is strong, flexible, and can be cut to any needed length.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stretch Tie is perfect for securing plants in your garden as well as tying other objects as needed. This wide plastic tie is also very stretchable, which allows plants to grow and move without collapsing under their own weight or during severe weather.


You can also use this tie as an pest deterrent. Hang strips to create the appearance of motion.


The 150 foot roll of .48 inch wide tape is a wonderful garden helper.® is a leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® products are designed to help every gardener -- from the novice to the expert – make their growing season a success.

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