Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Pre-cut Soft Wire Ties (20 pack)

model #: T003B

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  • Twenty, 8 inch soft wire ties
  • Each tie is coated in rubber-like plastic
  • Ideal for secureing plants and other gardening needs
  • Twist ends to secure plants to support stakes
  • Green color camouflages the tie
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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Pre-cut Soft Wire Ties (20 pack)


Secure and train your vines and vegetables with Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Soft Wire Tie. These precut 8-inch wire ties are shielded with rubber-like plastic and can be bent into any shape you want. A simple twist locks the two ends together, while the rubberized coating helps the wire grip to stakes and other plant supports.


The shielding on these wire ties is also designed to keep the wire from damaging delicate plant stalks, stems and vines. Likewise the ties keep bulky and heavy plants and vegetables from resting on the ground and from collapsing during stormy weather.

The Soft Wire Tie comes in a packet of 20 - measuring 8 inches each, meaning you can work with plenty of plants throughout the growing season. These are removable and reusable too, so each tie can be readjusted through your garden’s life cycle.® is the leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® products are designed to help every gardener -- from the novice to the expert – make their growing season a success

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