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Garden Helper Starter Kit

model #: BT020BT028AT013BKIT

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  • Provides everything you need to secure and identify garden plants
  • Convenient bundle will help you get your garden started
  • Keeps garden organized and tidy
  • Save on this set when compared to purchasing items individually
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Garden Helper Starter Kit


Are you a beginner gardener? Or do you like keeping your outdoor planning areas neat and organized? The Garden Helper Starter Kit is just what you need! This convenient bundle will help you to get things started and maintain your organization all throughout the planting season.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Bamboo Plant Labelsbamboo plant labels
When your garden begins blossoming, it can be difficult to remember which plants you have and where they were placed – especially in a large garden. Bamboo Plant Labels are a great, all-natural alternative for labeling plants in your garden. These attractive and easy-to use labels are made of real bamboo and help you to identify your many plants.


Plus, they’re biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly labeling option! The smooth surface makes them easy to label with pencil, pen, or marker for each plant in your garden. Then simply place the label into the soil near your plants. The versatile design allows you to use them anywhere in your garden, flowerbeds, or houseplant planters.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Soft Garden Twinegardeners twine
Have you ever suffered the disappointment that comes from using coarse, hard twine? Then Soft Garden Twine is for you! It’s just as strong and sturdy as traditional twine, but it’s soft enough that it won’t cut through your plants and damage them. The subtle green color will also blend seamlessly into your garden so you’ll barely notice it’s there! Not only is this twine a must for all gardeners, it is also great for projects around your house.


sturdy garden ties

Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Garden Ties
Your plants deserve the best. Our Sturdy Garden Ties offer a strong method for securing your plants. These ties are useful in training and securing plants for vertical gardening, preventing plants from settling on the ground. Add more ties as necessary as your plants mature.


Additionally, our garden ties are reusable and made out of soft plastic that won’t cut into your plants. These plastic fasteners are conveniently adjustable to hold many different plant sizes. The additional loop allows you to then secure plants to the necessary support systems.® is a leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® products are designed to help every gardener -- from the novice to the expert – make their growing season a success.



Garden Helpers, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Bamboo Plant Labels, T020B New
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Garden Helpers, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Soft Garden Twine, T028A
200 ft roll
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Garden Helpers, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Garden Ties (30 pack), T013B New
Great for vertical gardening
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