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Large Plant Support Kit

model #: BT005BST6HDKIT

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  • Provides everything you need to support large garden plants
  • Designed to blend in naturally with the vegetation of your garden
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Save on this set when compared to purchasing items individually
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Large Plant Support Kit


If you have large plants in your garden, you know how difficult it can be to keep them standing. They can often collapse under their own weight or fall when a rough storm rolls through. With our Large Plant Support Kit you can give your largest plants the support they need to help them survive through the long growing season.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Heavy Duty Sturdy StakesHeavy duty sturdy stakes

With a steel core for durability and strength, these Heavy Duty Sturdy Stakes are up to the task of supporting your largest garden plants. Their tough, thick plastic coating renders them weather, chemical, and rust proof so they’re sure to last all season long. Plus, the sure-grip surface allows for ease in handling, so placing or removing stakes is never frustrating. When you’re in need of heavy duty staking, these stakes are the ultimate solution for your garden.


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Heavy Duty Soft Wire Tiesoft wire tie Secure and train your plants and vegetables with Heavy Duty Soft Wire Tie. The rubber-like shielding is designed to keep the wire from damaging delicate plant stalks, stems, and vines. It also keeps heavy plants from coming into contact with the ground or collapsing during rough weather. In addition to support, this soft wire tie can easily be used to train growing vines.


To use, cut the wire to any length you need and bend to secure plants to support systems with just a few twists. The durable plastic finish allows the wire to be removed and reused or adjusted throughout your gardens life cycle.® is a leading supplier of gardening supplies and outdoor living accessories. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® products are designed to help every gardener -- from the novice to the expert – make their growing season a success.



Garden Helpers, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Heavy-duty Soft Wire Tie (16 ft), T005B New
Rubber tie with wire core
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Plant Supports, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon™ Heavy Duty Sturdy Stakes®, ST6HD
6’ stake
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