flower pot holders

Railing Flower Pot Holders 

Decorate your porch, deck, or window with potted flowers with the CobraCo® Adjustable Flower Pot Holders. Available in an eight inch and ten inch size, they feature a patented adjustable railing bracket that will fit almost any railing size!

A Decorative Holder For Your Planters
The CobraCo® Adjustable Flower Pot Holder makes it easy to display your planted flower pots from a window or a deck or porch railing. Available as an eight inch or ten inch planter holder, you will love the way they easily and attractively display your growing flowers.


Adjustable Railing Bracket

The CobraCo® patented adjustable railing bracket will allow you to hang your flower pots and round planters from virtually any railing size. Just use the short side for two to four inch railings and the long side for railings that are four and a half to six inches in width.


CobraCo® Quality

Avant Garden Décor is the online home for CobraCo® products. This quality outdoor decor product will look great hanging from your porch, deck, or window railing.

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