Fire Pits from CobraCo

Outdoor Metal Fire Pits and Fire Bowls

Quality CobraCo® Fire Pits make it easy to add the warmth of a campfire to your outdoor entertaining area. Avant Garden® Decor is the official website of CobraCo® Outdoor Entertaining.

Fire Pits by CobraCo®
Avant Garden Decor is the home for CobraCo® fire pits online. Find the full selection of high-quality products here, including exclusive copper, steel, and cast iron fire pits.


Sturdy Metal Bowls, Tubs, and Pits
Constructed from steel, cast iron, or copper, CobraCo® Fire Pits are designed for style and function. Able to withstand the high temperatures of a backyard fire, as well as the rigors of outdoor weather when used with the included vinyl weather cover, CobraCo® outdoor entertaining products are built to last a lifetime.

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28"W x 24.75"H
$339  $270.00 Sale
26"W x 23"H
$335  $250.00 Sale
Includes 1 Copper Fire Pit & 1 Copper Cauldron
$589  $349.99 Sale
30"W x 18"H
$200  $158.00 Sale
29"W x 25"H
$250  $209.99 Sale
Fire Pit & 2 Benches
$178  $142.74 Sale
28"DIA x 27.5"H
$220  $160.00 Sale
30"W x 16.5"H
Fire pit & 2 benches
$250  $200.20 Sale
2 forks & meat mark-it
$41  $31.99 Sale
27"W x 24"H
$220  $191.00 Sale
Fire pit & 2 benches
$275  $200.00 Sale
36"W x 9”H
28.5"DIA x 24"H
Brand iron & 54 letters
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