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Steel Fire Pits and Bowls 

CobraCo® steel fire pits feature the widest-range of styles and designs. With quality, light-weight steel fire bowls, they are easy to move, display, and use, and make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

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30 in W x 18 in H
 $158.00 $200 Sale
28.5"DIA x 24"H
30 in W x 20 in H
28"DIA x 27.5"H
 $160.00 $220 Sale
30 in W x 16.5 in H
28 in Fire Pit & 2 Benches
 $200.00 $250 Sale
26” square x 17.5” high
 $149.99 $160 Sale
Fire pit & 2 benches
 $200.00 $275 Sale
19.5 inches tall x 30 inches wide
 $149.99 $160 Sale
32 in L x 22 in W x 24 in H
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Steel Fire Pits


Steel fire pits from CobraCo® are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. They are lightweight, easy to move, and with the available styles you are sure to find one that fits into your outdoor decor. The high-quality steel fire bowls will help your entertain your friends and family, with plenty of money left over for drinks and dip!


Steel Fire Pit Designs


Like all CobraCo® fire pits, the steel fire pits are available in a wide variety of designs and styles, which are sure to fit any budget and outdoor décor.


Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy!


A steel fire pit is the easy way to have friends over for some outdoor entertaining on your porch or patio. Roast s’mores and enjoy the relaxing warmth of the fire in your new high-quality CobraCo® steel fire pit.