CobraCo® The Steel Age Fire Pit

model #: FT-010B

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  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Deep tub holds more firewood
  • Built-in air risers
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Screen & vinyl cover included
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FT-010B Detail

CobraCo® The Steel Age Fire Pit

Make your next backyard event a memorable one with the help of the CobraCo® The Steel Age Fire Pit. This rugged steel fire pit features a decorative look and a solid design, which makes it an ideal addition to your outdoor décor. This square fire pit measures 26-inches wide on each side and can be assembled in just a few minutes – it only requires you to tighten four bolts to make it ready for your evening’s entertainment!


FT-010B Bottom Detail

Once assembled, The Steel Age Fire Pit sits atop four sturdy legs that can hold a huge load of firewood. Inside the fire tub, four integrated air risers funnel oxygen to the center of the fire pit. This design feature helps your fire reach every piece of wood inside the fire tub, giving you a more robust and efficient fire.

The Steel Age Fire Pit at a Glance:
Count on your CobraCo® fire pit to:

  • Provide long-lasting fires. With its huge fire tub, you can load more firewood at one time.
  • Remain stable. This fire pit won’t tip when full of firewood.
  • Burn wood evenly. Its built-in air risers pull oxygen to the center of the fire tub.
  • Look great and make lasting memories! A stylish design and powder-coat finish helps it fit in with any décor.


Portable Fire Pit – Take It Anywhere!

Weighing 20.5 lb, The Steel Age Fire Pit is perfectly portable. At that weight, it’s easy to move around your yard!

Even better, you can take your fire pit with you! Bring it to the neighbors ' yard for their big party. Load it into the car as part of a camping trip. Take it up to the cabin for your winter vacation!

Looking to save some room? Remove just four bolts to reduce it down to its original shipping size.


Staying Safe and Maintaining Your Fire Pit

Steel Age Fire Pit

The Steel Age Fire Pit, like all CobraCo® fire pits, has a number of features designed to help keep you safe. Included with this fire pit is a steel mesh screen, which helps to limit floating embers and stop sparks from escaping the fire pit. The lid removal tool should be used to move the mesh screen while the fire pit is still hot.

Once your fire pit has completely cooled, use the vinyl cover to protect it from the elements and to keep wind-blown debris from collecting in the fire tub.

Another tip to help your fire pit last: cover the bottom of the tub with about 1 inch of sand. This helps distribute the heat more evenly across the entire fire pit.

Never use a fire pit indoors, on a wood deck or near flammable materials such as dried grass or leaves.



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