CobraCo® Evening Sky Campfire Ring

model #: FRSTAR369

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  • Perfect For Camping & Backyard Fun
  • Durable, Powder-coated Finish
  • Separates Into 4 Pieces For Easy Transport
  • Easy To Assemble
  • 36 in Diameter, 9 in Tall
  • Available In Two Other Designs
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Campfire Ring - Featuring Moon and Stars Detail


Rustic & Casual Entertainment Made Easy!


Entertain family and friends at home or on vacation with this great CobraCo® Evening Sky Campfire Ring!


The Evening Sky Campfire Ring is a great item to take with you when you go camping. This decorative ring will enable you to safely contain your campfire.  It comes in four compact pieces that sandwich together to save space and can easily be packed. The ring comes complete with hardware and is easy to assemble when you reach your campsite. Lumber shown in the fire ring is not included.


Available in two other rustic designs – playful horses, or moose and pine trees– these durable steel rings feature a classic black finish. They’re a great way to extend your enjoyment of your backyard when temperatures fall in the evenings or during cooler seasons when you normally stay indoors.


Fire pits and campfire rings have become a popular addition to today’s backyards. They add drama and charm to outdoor living and provide more entertainment options for the home. As a wholesome family activity, they provide an option for the popular “stay-cation” or just a fun way to enjoy leisure time and entertaining. With the addition of a fire pit or fire ring, you can transform your home into a quiet oasis to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

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All About...


Use Your Backyard for Family Camping


family camping

Family camping can be one of the best ways for families to bond while having fun in the backyard. Pitch a tent, light a fire in a fire pit or campfire ring, and enjoy some treats under the stars before bed.


Young children love family camping in the backyard because they feel secure knowing that if they get scared of the dark, their bedroom isn’t far away, and mom and dad are close-by.


family campingSo what do you need for family camping?  While you don’t have to have a tent, family camping is more fun if you do, and a lot more comfortable. Blankets, pillows, and a telescope are also items you may want to think about before family camping.


A campfire is an absolute must for family camping fun. Portable fire pits or bowls are perfect for a long-lasting fire while family camping, and can be used anywhere in the backyard for family camping – as long as it’s a safe spot.



Pick the Right Fire Pit for You!


Fire pits are great for back yard barbeques!  They are also great for quiet reflection after a long hectic day, or a focal point for entertaining family and friends.


Fire pits come in a variety of styles – fire pits, bowls, rings, and tubs are just a few. 

Fire tubs are designed with straight, deeper sides and a flat base.  These taller, straight sides enable you to use more wood to build larger, but still controlled fires.

Fire bowls
are designed with shallower sides.  Using less wood than tubs, bowls offer the choice of building a smaller, cozier fire and feature sleeker styling and the availability of more decorative frames and finishes.


The fireplace offers cozy, traditional styling in an outdoor setting.


The campfire ring is a great item to take with you when you go camping.  Several decorative ring patterns are available and all enable you to safely contain your campfire.

provide one of the most fun and creative means of entertaining. Backyard barbeques in particular will create an instant ambiance whether the occasion is planned or spontaneous.

Situate comfortable seating around your fire pit and serve cocktails, make s’mores, or roast foods on long forks for a casual dinner.

The best place for barbeques is in the open where there are no hazardous obstacles interfering. Barbeques also work well on patios. Choose a fire pit style that matches your outdoor area or plan your backyard style around the look of your fire pit.

The beauty of portable fire pits, bowls, rings and tubs, is that these can be moved depending on the time of year and weather.



Fire Pits, CobraCo® Moose Campfire Ring, FRMOOS369
36 in W x 9 in H
Fire Pits, CobraCo® Horse Campfire Ring, FRHORS369
36 in W x 9 in H