Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Fire Pits 

Keep your CobraCo® fire pit in top working condition with our comprehensive selection of firepit replacement parts. If a part wears out, goes missing, or is otherwise not functioning as it once did, our replacement parts are available to extend the life of your fire pit.

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Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Metal Spark Cover w/Handle for SH101, Copper Fire Tub, 101-SPARK-R
Part 101-SPARK-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Bottom Fire Pit Ring for Item FB6400-750, 6400-BRING-R
Part 6400-BRING-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Hardware Pack for Fire Pit FB1001, 1001-HDWE-R
Part 1001-HDWE-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Fire Pit Bottom Ring for Item FB1001, 1001-BRING-R
Part 1001-BRING-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo® Replacement Hardware for Fire Pit FB6540, 6540-HDWE-R
Part 6540-HDWE-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Bottom Fire Pit Ring for Item FB6102, 6102-BRING-R
Part 6102-BRING-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Replacement Top Ring for Item FB1001, 1001-TRING-R
Part 1001-TRING-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Wood Bench Hardware Pack for WBN500, 500-BNCHDWE-R
Part 500-BNCHDWE-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ FB6102 Fire Pit Replacement Leg, 6102-LEG-R
Part 6102-LEG-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Protective Vinyl Fire Pit Cover for Item FB8002, 8002-COVER-R
Part 8002-COVER-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Replacement Table Edge for Fire Pit & Bench Set FB6400-750, 6400-EDGE-R
Part 6400-EDGE-R
Fire Pit Parts, CobraCo™ Replacement Bench Seat Top for Fire Pit Item FB6400-750, 6400-BSEAT-R
Part 6400-BSEAT-R
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Whether you need a new spark grate, vinyl cover, or leg, or just need to replace some simple hardware, we’ve got you covered. When we say our fire pits are built to last a lifetime, we mean it! CobraCo® fire pit parts will help put your fire pit back into working order to ensure many more seasons of fireside entertaining.