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CobraCo® 14 Inch EcoLiner™ and Hanging Basket

model #: PLB14

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Displaying flowering plants. The 14 Inch EcoLiner™ is made from recycled materials in the USA and provides superior water retention. Includes high-quality metal basket. read full product details »
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CobraCo® 14 Inch EcoLiner™ and Hanging Basket


Made in the USA, CobraCo® 14 Inch EcoLiner™ is a high-quality hanging basket liner that is better for plants, better for you, and better for the earth. Made from recycled paper products, EcoLiner™ is completely biodegradable, yet strong enough to support your plants.  The EcoLiner™ also retains 30% more water requiring 50% less watering than plants in a coco-lined basket.  Thanks to the sturdy construction of the EcoLiner you will have an attractive looking, well-maintained hanging basket all season-long.



Features EcoLiner

Each 14-inch basket is made from vinyl-coated steel to provide rust-resistance for seasons of enjoyable use. The baskets also have a powder-coated steel chain to make hanging easy from any location. 


About EcoLiner

A new solution for gardeners who love hanging baskets has just been introduced by Avant Garden® Decor.

The EcoLiner is a paper mache liner; fabricated from recycled corrugate. 


The benefits of using EcoLiner™ in your hanging baskets include:

  • Biodegradable materials; without the chemicals used in coco liner production
  • Twice the moisture retaining capability as a coco liner
  • Reduced effort required to maintain plants--less watering on your part
  • Resists fading caused by sunlight due to natural colorfast pigment dye

Features EcoLiner


EcoLiner™ Test Results


A study was recently conducted on the EcoLiner™ and Coco Liner products to determine the ability of each to retain water. Using a program written to mimic an average summer day, a Coco Liner and an EcoLiner™ were filled with 5 liters of dirt and 2.5 liters of water. Runoff was collected and measured after the initial soaking. Three days after watering, the EcoLiner™ retained 30% more water than the Coco Liner. By reducing high runoff and evaporation rates, the EcoLiner™ is able to retain more water, which can lead to a 50% reduction in watering. 



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