Coco Planters


Do you want to maximize your planting space while adding a decorative touch to your outdoor décor? Then CobraCo® coco planters are just what you need! We offer a wide selection of decorative coco planter options, including deck and railing planters, floor planters, and hanging baskets, so you can find exactly what you want. Each unique style features a high quality metal construction and attractive, durable finish to ensure that your planter lasts for years to come.

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Coco Planters, CobraCo® 24 Inch Canterbury Horse Trough Planter, HTCB24-B
24 in L x 9 in W x 9 in D
Coco Planters, CobraCo® Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White, HGB14-W
14 inch wide
Coco Planters, CobraCo® English Flat Metal Style Hanging Basket, HPF14-B
14 inch wide
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 24 Inch Antoinette Deck Railing Planter With Adjustable Bracket, DPBANT24-B
24 in L x 7 in W x 9 in H
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 24 Inch Canterbury Deck Railing Planter With Adjustable Bracket, DPBCB24-B
24 in L x 5 in H x 8 in D
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Decorative Flower Planters Maximize Planting Space


Not only are our CobraCo® coco planters and liners aesthetically pleasing, but they’re practical too! If you have more plants than the space in your flowerbeds allow, then planters are the perfect solution. Plus, they can be placed virtually anywhere. With hanging, mountable, and freestanding options available, you can bring floral beauty and fragrance to any of your outdoor living areas.


Complete with Natural Coco Liners


Each of our CobraCo® coco planters come complete with a liner, so you can get started on planting right away. The coco liners help to retain moisture and insulate the soil to keep your plants fresh and healthy. Made from the brown fiber coirs of coconut shells, coco liners are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The natural liners are an attractive complement to the wire baskets and your foliage displays. We also offer replacement liners so you can start fresh at the beginning of each new planting season.