CobraCo® 24 Inch Canterbury Horse Trough Planter

model #: HTCB24-B

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Displaying plants and flowers on walls, under window sills or on deck railings. This classic horse trough planter is so versatile, you can display your flowers and plants on your deck, patio, porch or under windows. read full product details »
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CobraCo® 24 Inch Canterbury Horse Trough Planter



Canterbury Horse Trough Planter 24"


Display plants and flowers on walls, under window sills or on deck railings with this CobraCo® Canterbury 24 Inch Horse Trough Planter. From fuchsia, marigolds, and pink petunias to red geraniums, daisies or any number of flowers you choose to create your display, they will be presented beautifully in this sturdy horse trough planter. Place several on your deck railings to create a floral delight. Flowers shown in planter are not included.



Adjustable Brackets for Universal Fit

This CobraCo® horse trough planter comes with adjustable brackets that make it easy to hang the planter over almost any railing measuring 2 to 6 inches wide. The included brackets secure the planter to the deck rail for safety and stability. In addition, this horse trough planter can be placed underneath a window or on a wall by screwing the framework directly to the vertical surface providing the structure to hold blooming flowers for seasons to come.





Quality Construction

Named for its wide horse-trough-style shape, this horse trough planter features a sturdy framework with a sleek finish that nicely complements any outdoor decor.


Coco Liner Included

A bio-degradable, eco-friendly coco liner is included. Made from the brown fiber coirs of the coconut shell, the liner helps maintain moisture within the soil, which saves on water and allows plant roots to access the water when needed, keeping flowers and plants looking fresh and beautiful even during times of intense sun and heat.


Coordinates with CobraCo® Collection

This CobraCo® Canterbury horse trough planter coordinates effortlessly with other pieces in the CobraCo® collection, including hanging basket planters, plant stands, flower box holders, and fire pits.


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