CobraCo® Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White

model #: HGB14-W

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Best Used For:
Hanging flowers or plants. This charming, Growers Style hanging basket will highlight any floral or plant display with its classic design and white, rust resistant finish. read full product details »
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CobraCo® Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White


Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White


Add Beauty to Any Space

This CobraCo® Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White makes it easy to boost any outdoor space from OK to stunning. Simply fill your hanging basket with seasonal flowers--anything from impatiens and marigolds to vibrant verbena and petunias--then hang it in an appropriate spot to quickly create a welcoming area that looks great and adds seasonal color and flair.


Hanging the basket planter on a front porch adds a jaunty burst of color and makes a warm, inviting entrance for friends and neighbors. Hanging basket planters can also convert a back deck or patio into a pleasant place to quietly sip a cool drink or to put your feet up and relax with a good book. In addition to flowers, this CobraCo® hanging basket planter works well for plants, succulents, and trailing vines, too.


Stylish, Durable Design

This CobraCo® hanging basket planter features a durable metal frame with a powder-coated finish for style and rust resistance from season to season. Its three-part hanging chain securely attaches to the basket and comes together at the top, connecting to a large hook that can slip over a tree branch, trellis, or awning.


Coco Liner Included

A bio-degradable coco liner is included. Made from the brown fiber coirs of the coconut shell, the liner provides help to maintain moisture within the soil, which saves on water and allows plant roots to access the water when needed, keeping them looking fresh and beautiful even during days of heat and fierce sun.


Coordinates with CobraCo® Collection

This CobraCo® Growers Style 14 Inch Hanging Basket, White planter coordinates seamlessly with other pieces in the CobraCo® collection, including horse trough planters, plant stands, flower box holders, and fire pits.


Other Sizes Available: 

12 Inch

16 Inch


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