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Coco Planters, CobraCo™ Canterbury Hanging Basket, HBCB12-B

CobraCo™ Canterbury Hanging Basket

model #: HBCB12-B
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Hanging flowers or plants. Our classic hanging basket from the Canterbury Collection is perfect for any patio, deck, porch or garden with its simple yet endearing design and rust resistant finish. read full product details »  
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CobraCo™ Canterbury Hanging Basket


CobraCo™ hanging baskets are perfect to show off your seasonal foliage. Made of rust-resistant metal, these baskets are constructed to remain durable. Flowers shown in planter are not included.


Our classic CobraCo™ Canterbury Hanging Basket is perfect for any patio, deck, porch or garden with its simple yet endearing design and rust resistant finish. Our eco-friendly coco liner and 3-part chain are included for ease in hanging and displaying your beautiful plants and flowers. This hanging basket is perfect for trailing vines, too!


Dimensions are 12 inches wide by 7 inches high.



CobraCo™ - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor



Tips for Hanging Basket Plants

Decorating Your Porch  -   hanging basket plants
Hanging baskets can transform an ordinary porch, filling it with color and aroma and bringing it to life. But you need to select hanging basket plants and liners that not only look good, but that will also thrive. Here are some tips to help you choose, plant and maintain hanging basket plants successfully.


  1. Check the conditions on your porch before you choose your hanging basket plants and liners. Is it north or south facing?  How much sun does it get?  How sheltered is it from the wind?  Take these factors into account when you choose your hanging basket plants.


  2. When you plant hanging basket planters, use the best potting mix you can afford. You can use good quality potting soil or a specially formulated mix with a slow-release fertilizer that will guarantee your hanging basket plants get an ongoing supply of nutrients.


    Coco Liners  for   hanging basket plants

  3. Liners for hanging basket plants are also important. Line them with biodegradable coco fiber or plastic saucer types to help retain moisture and insulate the soil. Natural coco liners are guaranteed to help hanging basket plants to grow and flourish, as long as they're watered properly.


  4. A good way to keep your hanging basket plants looking good all year round is to replant new annuals every spring. This is also a good way to change the appearance of your hanging basket plants. If some hanging basket plants die and leave gaps in the planter, replace them as soon as possible.


  5. Always include trailing plants with other hanging basket plants to create depth and movement. The spider plant is a favorite.



12"W x 6"H
12"W x 67"H
(not rated)
Up to 12" planters