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cobraco floor planters

Floor Planters and Stands 

Our delightful floor planters can be used on your deck, patio, porch or favorite outdoor sitting area. Display flowers and plants in these beautiful floor planters and watch your back yard come to life!

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Coco Planters, CobraCo® 14 Inch Canterbury Floor Planter, FLPLCB-B
14 in W x 7 in H
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Coco Planters, CobraCo® Tricycle Flower Planter, TRCFP-B
21 in L x 12.25 in W x 11.75 in H
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Coco Planters, CobraCo® Welcome Garden Hanging Basket Planter, WGPFW
18.5"L x 16"W x 46"H
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Coco Planters, CobraCo® Horse Trough Floor Planter Stand, HTP30-B
30 in L x 12.5 in W x 13.75 in H
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Coco Planters, CobraCo® Canterbury Basket Plant Stand, BSCB15-B
14 in W x 15 in H
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Coco Planters, CobraCo® 4-Arm Tree with Hanging Baskets, HB4T-A
26.5 in W x 67.75 in H
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Flower Planters Decorate Your Space


What is more beautiful than planters brimming with flowers and foliage? Why, our pretty floor planters, of course! Browse our collection of metal floor planters. Each includes a coco liner which helps insulate the soil and retain moisture for your plants. Be sure to check out the CobraCo® 3-tier floor planter; this decorative stand offers a vertical display of flowers you have to see to truly appreciate. Wherever you place these floor planters, they are sure to be a wonderful addition to your backyard.


Plant Containers of All Shapes and Sizes


Not only do we offer floor planters, but we offer so much more as well. We carry garden planters, metal planters, hanging baskets, horse troughs, deck rail planters, basket stands, stake planters and specialty baskets. If you have the flowers, we have the planters sure to make them shine!