Replacement Coconut Liner

Coco Liners 

If you want to keep your hanging baskets of flowers looking as great as the day you first planted, take a look at our selection of coco liners! These replacement liners will swap out perfectly with the one that originally came with your CobraCo® planter. Our unique coco liners will help you keep your flowers and foliage healthy, so you can easily maintain your vibrant display. With a range of available sizes, you can find exactly what you need to suit your planting needs.

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Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 36 in. Horse Trough Coco Liners in Poly-Bags - 12 Pack, BCLH36HTR
Up to 36 in. Troughs - pk/12
 $86.35 $133 Sale
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 16 Inch Pre-Molded Coco Liner, CLH16M
Up to 16 inch planter liner
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 12 Inch Pre-Molded Coco Liner, CLH12M
Up to 12 in planters
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 36 Inch Horse Trough Coco Liners in Poly-Bags, CLH36HTR
Up to 36 Inch troughs
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 14 Inch Pre-Molded Coco Liner, CLH14M
Up to 14 inch planters
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 22 Inch Replacement Coco Liners, CLH20
Up to 16" planter
Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 22 In. Round Coco Liners - 12 Pack, BCLH20
Up to 16 in. Planter - pk/12
 $47.35 $73 Sale
Coco Planters, CobraCo® 24 Inch Horse Trough Coco Liners in Poly-Bags, CLH24HTR
Up to 24 inch troughs
On Backorder
Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 24 in. Horse Trough Coco Liners in Poly Bags - 12 Pack, BCLH24HTR
Up to 24 in. Troughs - pk/12
 $68.09 $105 Sale
On Backorder
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What are Coco Liners?


Made from the brown fiber coirs of a coconut shell, CobraCo® coco liners are a biodegradable and eco-friendly option for your planters. Our liners will help maintain moisture and insulate your soil. This allows plants to access retained moisture during times of intense sun and heat to keep your plants looking fresh, healthy, and beautiful.


How to Use Planter Liners


First, you need to select a coco liner that fits your planter. We offer a variety of sizes that are suitable for everything from hanging baskets, horse troughs, deck rail planters, stake planters, and specialty planters. After placing the new liner inside your planter, fill with potting soil, making sure to leave 1 to 2 inches of space beneath the rim. Plant your favorite flowers and return your planters to a location where they can receive proper sunlight. Be sure to water plants when the soil feels dry.