Replacement Coconut Liner

Coco Basket Liners for Your Planter

Our coco liners can help you maintain and display your flowers and foliage on your porch, deck or patio.

What are Coco Liners?
Coconut liners are a bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and natural choice for any consumer. Made from the brown fiber coirs of the coconut shell, these planter liners help maintain moisture within the soil. Plant roots can access the water during times of intense sun and heat, keeping your plants looking fresh and beautiful.

How to Use Planter Liners
Choose a coco liner that fits your container’s size. We carry a variety of sizes suitable for hanging baskets, horse troughs, deck rail planters, stake planters and specialty planters. Place a coco liner within the planter. Pour potting soil into container, leaving 1-2 inches of space below the rim. Plant flowers and place planters outside where they can receive the necessary sun exposure. Water plants when soil feels dry.

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