Bulk Gardening

Bulk Gardening 

Do you have a large garden? Or, do you need to stock up on supplies to make them last throughout the gardening season? Then you’ve come to the right place. When you need gardening supplies in larger quantities, we have the products you want in the quantities you need. Choose from bulk garden supports, border fencing, coco liners, saucers, and other accessories to simplify your gardening at a cost-effective price.

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Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 12 in Cork Mat - 20 Pack, BCOCM12
12 in Cork Mat - pk/20
 $66.04 $102 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake-A-Way® Snake Repelling Granules, BCODT362
28 lb
 $110.49 $170 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 10 in Cork Mat - 20 Pack, BCOCM10
10 in Cork Mat - pack/20
 $48.88 $75 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Saucer Plus™ 10 Inch Plant Saucers - 24 Pack, BCOSP10VUS
10 in Saucer - pack of 24
 $53.35 $82 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 14 in. Plant Support - 24 Pack, BCOPLNTSUP
14 in. Support - pk/24
 $47.11 $72 Sale
Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 18-in H x 24-in L Cambridge Garden Border Fence - 12 Pack, BFB100
18 in H x 24 in L - pk/12
 $90.71 $140 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 2 ft Bamboo Plant Stakes, BB2
2 ft stake - pk/25
 $1.87 $2.87 Sale
Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 24 in Horse Trough Coco Liners in Poly Bags - 12 Pack, BCLH24HTR
Up to 24 in Troughs - pack/12
 $68.09 $105 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 3 ft Wood Stakes - 24 Pack, BWW3BULK
3 ft Stake - pack/24
 $31.39 $48 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Safer® Brand Caterpillar Killer With B.T., 1 Gallon Concentrate, B5160GAL
Makes 128 gallons
 $129.99 $200 Sale
Bulk Gardening, CobraCo® 22 In Round Coco Liners - 12 Pack, BCLH20
Up to 16 in Planter - pk/12
 $47.35 $73 Sale
Bulk Gardening, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® 6 ft Super Bamboo Stakes - 20 Pack, BCOSB6
6 ft Stake - pk/20
 $28.16 $43 Sale
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Gardening Supports and Accessories


If your plants need a little extra support, take a look at our selection of stakes, plant supports, and tomato cages. The convenient multi-packs will help you start your large garden, or keep you in good supply throughout the planting season. Our stakes come in a variety of sizes and materials so you can produce the exact results you want. Once your gardens and flowerbeds are planted, our bulk packs of border fences are available to attractively mark the edges of your planting areas.


Alternate Planting Options


Want to expand your planting options even more? We have just what you need. Multi-packs of hanging baskets will allow you to bring your garden onto your deck or patio for even more floral beauty. Bulk sizes of coco liners will allow you to refresh your baskets at the start of each new planting season. If you enjoy having potted plants indoors, then you know how difficult it can be to protect your furniture from water damage. Cork mats and vinyl saucers will catch excess water and prevent unsightly water rings.


Whether your plants are indoors or outdoors, our bulk gardening supplies are the perfect solution for any gardener.